Scouts at 1st Twyford

We run 2 scout troops in Twyford on Monday & Tuesday nights with lots of fun and varied activities with the accent on putting the OUT in ScOUTing! 

CYCLING... Doh! Weather postponement!
After the cycling in the summer several Scouts expressed interest in a longer ride and at the planning 'Zoom' cycling was again suggested. As it is already dark when we meet I have permission from District to run a day ride on Saturday 3rd October, from 10.00 to 15.00 approx.
This will be roughly 35 km, with options to shorten or lengthen as conditions or legs allow. Attendance is subject to both our Restart and Cycling Risk Assessments (approved by District) and participants having a fully operational cycle, helmet and a suitable hi-vis garment.
And lunch, with plenty of water.
Please see your OSM email for further details and joining instructions. Places offered to suit group size and leader availability. If popular, further rides may be put on.


1st Twyford ScoutCraft
1st Twyford (well Chewie) has launched the Twyford Minecraft server (Java) where you can demonstrate your creative skills. We will set challenges, assess the results and monitor your involvement so as to tick off badgework. Challenge 1 has just closed with some impressive 'compact home' entries - another challenge next week.
Let a leader know if you are interested. 

Evening meetings are 'usually' at the HQ from 19.45 unless otherwise stated in the 'Scouts this week' tab.

Want More Information?

If you'd like to contact someone for more information about Scouts at 1st Twyford then send an e-mail to:

Tim (Slick) -  Scout Leader
Alan (Droof) - Scout Leader 
Sue (Super) - - Administration
Phil (Purp) - Assistant Scout Leader 
Peter (Zed) - Assistant Scout Leader
Dean (Chewie) - Assistant Scout Leader
Chris (Comet) Assistant Scout Leader
Ed (Pallet)  - Assistant Scout Leader
Tilly - Assistant Scout Leader 

Interested in Our Previous Camps and Activities?

If you're missing the old "previous" sections that used to be on the link list to the right then don't worry, you can still get your blast from the past.

We're so active as a troop that the link list was getting long and messy so it's been reorganised into a new archive section. This will be where pages from past events will go, as well as the news posts which are the same as they always were.

If you've got any comments or suggestions we'd love to know, just drop Andy an email.