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Droof Troops off

It seems like only 360 days since I told Tom that I would be standing down as Polehampton Scout Troop Leader after Summer Camp 2012. For those of you at Summer Camp you will obviously know, some will have seen Tom's announcement in a recent e-mail and the rest of you hopefully will see this before the new term starts.

I first had a spell on the Group Executive committee when my son started Beavers (as 'Maintenance Man' on the old HQ) and was persuaded by Tom that the uniform might suit me! I had previously been SL at 3rd Harlington for a number of years before moving to Twyford. So, back into the deep end as SL in 1995 with around 20 lads on a Tuesday night and 2 ASL's, which rose quickly when Stanlake Troop (Monday) was closed due to lack of leaders. Well, 17 years on we are now back to 2 nights, having seen the introduction of young ladies and changes to the age range back down to 14+, the numbers wishing to pursue Scouting in Twyford is at a high. This is undoubtedly due to the strength in depth of this Group - I am by no means the longest serving leader here!

So, why am I leaving? Simply, I haven't been putting the required amount of planning effort in, perhaps for the last couple of years, mainly for the weekly meetings. Allied with giving Yvonne more of my time! I was asked by a Scout on the way back from Portsmouth if I was leaving because of him - let me tell you that there are very few young people that with a little direction and encouragement cannot make it in the Scout family. The downside of large troop numbers is that it can be like 'crowd control' (my counterparts at 5th Woodley experience the same thing), so I ask you Patrol Leaders and APL's to help your leaders in this task and get the most out of them. They are giving you a precious commodity - their time! I leave you in good hands; Purp (Phil 1) is an excellent leader, with Litmus (Phil 2), Tigger (Nick) full of enthusiasm. All our younger leaders are now off to various universities around the UK so will not be around for the weekly meetings, so how about some of you mums or dads giving a hand? It doesn't have to be in uniform, could be for either Monday or Tuesday. Or maybe a background role - Yvonne has looked after the troop account since I became SL and will look to pass this task on. It is a simple bookkeeping job, currently done in Excel - training provided!

Anyhow, you haven't seen the last of me. In a moment of weakness / loyalty / madness I agreed to become Assistant Group Scout Leader (along with Jane Moore), so I'll pop up here and there at various events.

Finally, a very big thank you for the presentation of the hatchet and card at camp, much appreciated! Now I'm off to round up all the Scout stuff residing at my house and take to Purp's under stairs holding bay....


Purple Scouts,
2 Feb 2014, 07:35