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Archery-2019 Course

Twyford Scouts THIRD Master at Arms (Archery) Course for 2019

This course will cover the requirement to achieve the Master at Arms (MaA) badge, which will contain more than the "have-a-go" sessions from a typical Scout night:
  • ·         Different styles of archery shooting
  • ·         Shooting at different distances
  • ·         Using sights
  • ·         Maintenance
  • ·         Range set up and layouts
  • ·         Accessible (Disability) shooting
  • ·         Safety and Taking Charge
  • ·         Joining a club and developing your technique

Those of you who demonstrate an exceptional level of skill or improvement throughout the course may also be able to achieve your Activity Plus. (More information on this will be provided during the course)

And finally, for any returning Scouts who have already completed a previous Archery course, there will also be the opportunity for you to get your Instructors badge.

Attendance Requirements & Assessment (MaA ONLY)

To achieve the MaA badge, you will need to ACTIVELY participate in the following:

  1. Attend a MINIMUM of 1 x Indoor Session (A or B) from EACH of the 3 weekends (More if numbers allow up to a MAX of 6 (A) or (B) sessions)
  2. Attend 1 x Outdoor (O) session (More if applicable)
  3. Attend 1 x Evening (E) session (More if applicable)
  4. Complete your assessment

I’m hoping to keep (E) and (O) sessions uncapped but please see Notes on Attendance below

The assessment will take place during the weekend of 27-28 April and be a practical test of what you will learn during the course, as well as a scored shoot as part of the Archery GB Progress Award scheme.  It should hopefully take no more than 2-3 hours and you will get to choose a timed slot on your preferred day (More on that during the course)

Attendance Requirements & Assessment (Instructors ONLY)

Basically, you will be helping to run the course!

As the Leaders do less, you will be doing more, until assessment day when (hopefully) I’m just sat on a chair drinking tea, and you have everything in hand 😊

Places for the Instructor badge will be limited to a MAX of 4 per (Indoor) session, but there’s no limit on the number of sessions you can attend. (Suggest Min of 3 sessions + Assessment – more if spaces are available)

Notes on Attendance (Sort of small print!)

It would be helpful if you could make one of the sessions BEFORE Winter Camp if you are planning on coming

If you have another activity BEFORE or AFTER your session (especially football or rugby) your performance could possibly be affected, so try to chose different days if possible.

We will limit the MAXIMUM number of arrows you will all shoot during the day, therefore if you come to 2 sessions on the same day, you will NOT be allowed to stay for the same day evening session.  You would of course be able to choose the other day’s session.

When you get the questionnaire form, please fill it in, and remember to keep to those dates you chose.  If you change without notice to me, you may be excluded from that session because it’s already full, or you may be doing the same activity again.


Finally, you will ALL be given the opportunity to represent our Troop at the National Scout Archery Competition held at Phasels Wood Campsite (More information to follow during the course)

(The competition is during the same weekend as P&S All-In Camp and the cost is not included in the course.  Expect to pay around £50 - £60 per person, depending on numbers and catering option chosen)

Cost of the Course

The cost this year is £20.00 but only payable by those on the MaA course (The cost for any new Instructors will be FREE)

Places will be limited to 8 per session for the MaA and 4 per session for new Instructors based on your returned questionnaire form.

Refreshment breaks will be provided during the course, but NOT Lunch / Dinners – Please bring a packed lunch / dinner or additional snacks if required.

Course places will be offered on a first come basis - BUT with priority to Scouts who did NOT attend last year’s Archery Course.

To book your place - please email Zed ( and ask for the questionnaire form which you will need to complete to select your places.

Additional links for more information:
Archery GB Progress Awards Scheme Click here (Opens new window)
Scouts Master at Arms Badge Click here (Opens new window)
National Scout Archery Competition - Added below

Update 13/01/19 - Spaces still available are shown above and will be updated as details arrive
Update 20/01/19 - Sessions are starting to fill up (See above) - Get your email / questionnaire form back if you're interested
Update 26/01/19 - NSAC Details added as factsheet (See below)
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