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Scouts This Week

Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th October

This week we are at the HQ meeting at the usual times for each night. Our newest members of the troop will be invested so you need to turn up in smart uniform. That means a clean and ironed shirt with all achieved badges sewn on and a clean and ironed necker, properly rolled and held with a woggle, not a knot.

Following investitures we will be fire-lighting and cooking on the altar fires. You'll need to bring a change of clothes suitable for that (something warm and dry you don't mind getting smokey and the risk of a burn hole or two if it's a man-made material).

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Troop / Group / District / County / National

Loddon District Bowling Competition Friday 16th November
The next round of this year's Murray Plate competition is the district 10 pin bowling, this will be held at the Bracknell Superbowl on Friday 16th November at 19:00. The cost is £5 per scout to take part with points being awards based upon the top nn bowling scores for each troop (nn = a number to be decided once the entry size in known). If you would like to take part, then please email Purp to confirm a place and allow us to fix numbers and entry forms, no later than 31st October.

Many of you receive badges from the activities and camps; if you're unsure where they go then have a look at our Scout Badges page - this also has links to the relevant requirements for each of the Awards you can earn.

If there are any badges in any of the categories that you think you might have earned or want to earn then have a look on the Scout Association's website here to see what you have to do and then have a chat with a Leader or Sue at one of our troop nights.

Finally, please make sure that you get your badges sewn on; you've put the effort in to earning them, the Leaders have put effort in to running a programme that gives you the opportunities and the Group has bought them so wear them on your uniform with pride!

Purple Scouts,
6 Jan 2018, 12:46