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Scouts This Week

Troop Scouting Activities are back, still from a distance...
We are now able to run suitable activities outdoors, with limitations (see Home page). 
Comet has sent out a brief questionnaire about resumption and your feelings/concerns about that. If you haven't responded, please do so asap. 

CYCLING! 27/28 July 2020
Check your e-mail for details of signing up - limited numbers.

Troop / Group / District / County / National

Many of you receive badges from the activities and camps; if you're unsure where they go then have a look at our Scout Badges page - this also has links to the relevant requirements for each of the Awards you can earn.

If there are any badges in any of the categories that you think you might have earned or want to earn then have a look on the Scout Association's website here to see what you have to do and then have a chat with a Leader or Sue at one of our troop nights.

Finally, please make sure that you get your badges sewn on; you've put the effort in to earning them, the Leaders have put effort in to running a programme that gives you the opportunities and the Group has bought them so wear them on your uniform with pride!

Christian McArdle,
13 Mar 2020, 02:13