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Troop Meetings - 22nd, 23rd, 24th January 2018

This week we are planning for the following week's patrol cooking competition, the rules/format for this year's district competition are slightly changed from previous years and will be discussed at this week's troop meeting. The format is thus:

The cooking competition will comprise of the following ...

First element

Make 6 shortcrust pasties with 3 types of filling, 2 of each filling. Vegetables are to be cooked to complement the meal. Ingredients for shortcrust pastry will be supplied by District. Fillings, seasoning and vegetables to complement the meal to be supplied by teams.

Normal pantry items (e.g. salt, pepper, herbs, spices, oil, vinegar) to be supplied by teams.

Marking: Taste, colour of pasties, thickness of pastry, presentation, choice of vegetables.


Second element.

To make a Victoria sandwich then decorate for a celebration - occasion to be chosen by scouts.

Ingredients for cake mix to be supplied by District. Fillings and decorations to be supplied by scouts

Marking: Design of decoration, suitable for the occasion, quality of sponge, amount of filling,


Third element - mystery element

Scouts will be given a challenge on the day to cook something on the day.

Ingredients supplied by District.

Marking: Taste and presentation.


Cleaning and washing up

Washing up materials to be supplied by teams

Please note: failing to wash up or poor washing up will result in marks being deducted at any stage of the competition, from categories which include hygiene, team work and planning.

Having reviewed the above, we shall decide which part(s) will comprise our own patrol cooking competition.

Please come in uniform for flag etc.; you will need a change for the activity.


Upcoming Events:

Winter Camp - Friday 16th-Sunday 18th Feb, 2018

Our annual winter camp will take place at Dorneywood Campsite from Friday 16th - Sunday 18th February (during half term holiday). This camp is aimed at experienced campers, especially our PL and APLs, as it is a great opportunity to learn and hone your scouting outdoor skills and have a load of fun. If you have not camped with us previously, then we would recommend that you attend at least one group (P&S) or troop (summer camp) camp before coming on the winter camp. Further details on timings and cost will appear here shortly, To register interest please drop me an email so that I can gauge numbers.


If you would like a place on this camp, then please confirm by email to Purp ( )

3 Towers Hike 2018 - Saturday 7th April 2018

The Three Towers Hike is a team-based series of competition hikes through the Berkshire Countryside. There are four distances in the series but for our current Scouts we are offering the "Scout" event.

The Scout section event is one of the major parts of the weekend and introduces hundreds of young people to competition hiking. It covers a distance of about 16½ miles or 26½km.

The Scout Event starts kicks off around breakfast time and hikers have to walk a route covering the first one-third of the Classic event route [a 70km route aimed at adults]. The event is exclusively for Scout section members who are actively Scouting in Berkshire     (Text from

The event takes place in teams of 3 or 4. We'll also run a couple of preparation hikes on the weekends in March.

If you're interested in taking part you can read more about the event at the official website ( or chat to a leader at a troop night. Feel free to organise a team with your friends or just tell us that you want to take part and we can arrange the teams closer to the time.

The most important thing is that we get the right number of teams entered before the event is full, therefore we must know if you wish to enter, no later than Sunday February 25th - so be sure to let us know you want to take part soon. To enter we must receive an email from you confirming your interest. Scouts entering the event and failing to turn up on the day, will be liable for the full entry fee of £12 per scout. Purp ( ) 

Troop / Group / District / County / National

Many of you receive badges from the activities and camps; if you're unsure where they go then have a look at our Scout Badges page - this also has links to the relevant requirements for each of the Awards you can earn.

If there are any badges in any of the categories that you think you might have earned or want to earn then have a look on the Scout Association's website here to see what you have to do and then have a chat with a Leader or Sue at one of our troop nights.

Finally, please make sure that you get your badges sewn on; you've put the effort in to earning them, the Leaders have put effort in to running a programme that gives you the opportunities and the Group has bought them so wear them on your uniform with pride!
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