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Scouts This Week

Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th July

It is the last week of the summer term, that can only mean one thing - smart uniform and inspection noooo - activities outside on the field, which may involve getting wet. Please arrive in uniform for flag break with a change for the activities, normal timings this week (19:45-21:15 Mon/Tues, 20:00-21:15 Weds)

Please note the Loddon District Raft Race (Murray Plate event) is coming up soon, we ideally require a team of 6 and to date I have 5 volunteers for the crew. If you wish to take part, it is £7.50 for a fun afternoon building and sailing your raft on Taplow Lake. I must have final numbers by the end of this week. Please send me an email email Purp if you wish to take part - first come first served. Now full - we have a crew of 6.


Update 07/08/18 - Summer Campers - Kit list and permission forms now available on the Summer Camp 2018 webpage - here!

Some final installments are now overdue, If you are still to pay, then please hand them to any leader at troop night.  See Summer Camp 2018 for details and forms.

Coming up soon:

The District Raft Race is Sunday 15th July 12:45-16:00 and forms part of the Murray Plate. We have a team of six to build and paddle now - you should have received an email with the timings and rules, please let Purp know if not.

The Twyford Pirates in action

Troop / Group / District / County / National

Many of you receive badges from the activities and camps; if you're unsure where they go then have a look at our Scout Badges page - this also has links to the relevant requirements for each of the Awards you can earn.

If there are any badges in any of the categories that you think you might have earned or want to earn then have a look on the Scout Association's website here to see what you have to do and then have a chat with a Leader or Sue at one of our troop nights.

Finally, please make sure that you get your badges sewn on; you've put the effort in to earning them, the Leaders have put effort in to running a programme that gives you the opportunities and the Group has bought them so wear them on your uniform with pride!

Purple Scouts,
6 Jan 2018, 12:46