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Scouts This Week

Monday 17th June

Continuing with last week's rather wet theme, Monday evening meeting will be a water/wet activity out on the field experimenting with water rockets (we will be cycling the following week when more leaders are available). Please arrive in uniform at the usual times (19:45) with a change for being outdoors for the activity. Last week's canoeing trip was poorly attended, if you are unable to make it, please could you let us know in advance as we do have to bring in a number of coaches/instructors for these activities. For those who missed out last week, we have a limited number of spaces on Tuesday 9th July and Wednesday 17th July to take part in the canoeing - please email Purp or Slick if you wish to join us.

Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 19th June 2019

This week we will meet at the HQ at the slightly earlier time of 19:30, we shall be exploring some of the surrounding villages on our bikes - so please ensure that your cycles are in good working order, with the tyres correctly inflated, seats adjusted and secure and that you have working front and rear lights. Full uniform is not required, please wear outdoor clothing appropriate to the prevailing weather, you will need to be wearing your necker and a cycling helmet (no helmet means no cycling!). Any parents wishing to join us are most welcome, just bring your bike with lights and please wear your helmet. We expect to return to HQ between 21:15 - 21:30.

Troop / Group / District / County / National

Berkshire County Dragonboat Regatta

Sunday June 30th
It is a few years since we took part in this event, Wokingham Waterside Centre.
UPDATE 27th May 2019 - It's not too late! We have booked a boat now, and have 10 confirmed paddlers, so there is still room for just 1 more scout, first to email will be offered the space.

As in the past, this will be a fun event open to teams of Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and SN members. Moreover, it will enable Cubs & Scouts to obtain one of the new activity badges without doing anything else.

No previous experience or equipment is required as the Waterside Centre will provide the boats, paddles, buoyancy aids etc. as well as qualified helms who will tell your team what to do.  The maximum number in a team is 11 (10 paddlers and one drummer) the cost for taking part is £7.50 per paddler. Email purp at to confirm your place.

Many of you receive badges from the activities and camps; if you're unsure where they go then have a look at our Scout Badges page - this also has links to the relevant requirements for each of the Awards you can earn.

If there are any badges in any of the categories that you think you might have earned or want to earn then have a look on the Scout Association's website here to see what you have to do and then have a chat with a Leader or Sue at one of our troop nights.

Finally, please make sure that you get your badges sewn on; you've put the effort in to earning them, the Leaders have put effort in to running a programme that gives you the opportunities and the Group has bought them so wear them on your uniform with pride!

Phil Hayes,
16 Mar 2019, 06:16