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As you will need time to take the actual photos and I was not able to send out this information in time, I have had to postpone the Scout meeting.

Please note the new Day / Time is MONDAY 1st March - Normal time (8pm - 9:15 pm)

That week we will be reviewing the photos you have taken and hopefully helping you to take better photos afterwards, so please take some or it will be a bit pointless really!

There are 2 themes - Please try both if you can:

1 - Abstract - If you don't know what this means, please ask your Parent or look it up!
2 - History - This should be easier and remember history is all around us!

You may be wondering what photos you could take for those themes, but I promise you I chose them quite deliberately as they are extremely varied!

I have put together a little 7 "Zed's Top Tips" below which might also help to give you some inspiration.

Finally, for those who really enjoy photography, I've linked to the Scout Photography Activity Badge here which you may want to complete separately?

Can you please email me what you believe is your BEST photo by end of Sunday 28th Feb to
(Max 1 photo per Scout please!)

Many thanks

Zed Rogers,
21 Feb 2021, 04:01