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Great Breakfast Chase 2019

Updated 13/10...

10 teams from troops across Loddon District turned up at Goring Heath Scout Campsite at Crays Pond in miserable weather and set up camp. Once settled each were given a route card to plot the route on to their map; then to get fed, kit checked and off at 15 minute intervals. By now the miserable weather had changed to persistent rain, so setting out in the wet and dark in unfamiliar countryside must have been daunting, especially for younger teams. Teams encountered 6 bases along the route at which short tasks or games were undertaken to earn points, plus a refreshment tent at about half way. By 22.00 the persistent rain had become heavy, with short bursts being torrential. Our teams, Charlie and Hotel went out an hour or so apart with mixed fortunes but all returned safely to camp and to bed. After a leisurely breakfast and clearing our site (in.... rain) we headed for the presentations in the HQ building. Team Charlie came 3rd in the time trial (aggregate walking time between bases) and held their breath as the scores were counted down from 10th, with Charlie coming out winners. Well done to both teams for taking part in challenging conditions. My own abiding memory is sitting on a base in the woods, under a tarp in pouring rain and each and every team turning up with smiles and good humour.