Assessment & Things

Otherwise known as "Final thoughts, what to do about Assessments &
Other things crawling around the dark recesses of Zed’s mind!"

Have we finished?

We've just been informed that from Thursday 5th November we are only allowed online meetings, and I am extremely reluctant to restart this for a third time.  Therefore the archery course has finished! - But please read on:

What about Assessment Day?

I had intended this to be a fairly simple process (for you, NOT me!), which was attend, put together your bow, shoot up to 12 arrows to practice (sighters), and then shoot 36 scored arrows, during this also answer some simple questions, put your bow away, and assuming you managed all that without hitting me, you would have been awarded your Scout Master at Arms Badge

This final score of 36 arrows is also used alongside the Archery GB (AGB) Junior Progress Award Scheme (JPAS), which is extremely complicated to explain!

To MASSIVELY simplify, it's based on your age, what size target and distance you shoot, and if you are a Junior Lady, or Junior Gentleman (AGB rules not mine I'm afraid!).

This is then used to determine what colour badge you would get. (White, Black, Blue, or Red – We can’t get Gold badges due to the shorter distance we’re shooting)

If you had been awarded a JPAS Red badge, you would also have demonstrated a level of archery worthy of the Activity Plus – Master at Arms Badge (silver background that goes behind the MaA badge)

However, with no assessment likely anytime soon, I’ve decided to go back through ALL your scores and worked out an average for you all, which I’ve used to reasonably determine what you “would have” shot on this final shoot. Or in other words, as you have all proved you are competent and safe archers, I have assessed you without you turning up.

With those projected scores, I'm delighted to be able to award you the Activity Plus badge!

For those who hadn't quite manage to gain the score required to get the Activity Plus outright, I've decided to award you the badge as well.

I certainly feel you have all "done more than was expected of you" - So well done to you all!

What about the “Instructors”?

Well, what about you ugly lot?

Can you remember your checklists I’ve been on about all during the course?

Have you already proved you know what you’re talking about, and demonstrated a competent and safe approach consistently whilst leading other Scouts in archery?

Can you remember the Chicken’s name?😊

If the answer’s yes to all those, then guess what – you’ve also been assessed in your absence as more than suitable.

You’ve all been awarded your Instructor Badge (gold background that goes behind the MaA badge)
What about the Competition?

Finally, there is was the small matter of the competition that I also ran for the restart. This was to be awarded to 3 Scouts, who achieved ONE of the following:

Highest Total Score (since restarting)

This has been won by Otilie with an exceptional final total of 761, with second place Jacob with 677 and third was Ella with 626.

Highest Average (since restarting)

This was won by Ella with an outrageous (and almost unbelievable) 8.69 per arrow shot, Second was Isabella with 8.32, and third Otilie with 7.93.

Most Improved Archer

This is slightly complicated! – I decided that it should be awarded to someone who has attended regularly and managed to maintain a consistent improvement across each of the weeks they attended.

Based on that, it seemed only right to award this to Ginny, who managed an impressive 10% improvement each week across each of the 7(!) sessions she attended.

Second place goes to Shayan with a 7% improvement across each of his 5 weeks and third goes to Otilie with 5% improvement week to week across the same number of weeks.

How do I get my badge(s) (and prizes!)?

I will present these to each of you during your normal Scout (or Explorer) night.

Please don’t ask when, as it is obviously dependant on restarting (as well as getting the badges!)

If I’m lucky, I will get these to you before the end of the year (or I will forget like last time)