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Archery 2020

Twyford Archery for 2020

Following on from our continued success at BOTH District and National archery events, I’m pleased to announce the dates for our FOURTH Archery Event for all you budding archers!

I'm hoping this is our biggest one yet! (so I can take a year off next year!!)

There are more weekends than before, but you would need to attend each weekend (or as many as you can - Ideally 6)

We are also looking to take our largest contingent to the National Scout Archery Competition(NSAC), which is held each year at Phasels Wood Campsite in May

If you like archery (duh!), and like the idea of representing our Troop at a NATIONAL event, then please sign up!

Entry Form HERE (opens in new window)

You can pick 1 session per weekend (and as many evenings as you like)

Please try to choose the same session on each weekend.  This makes things slightly easier to organise

Most sessions are at the Twyford Hut, with one (14/15 March) at the Berkshire College of Agriculture to allow longer distances to be shot.

Prospective Instructors

Previous MaA attendees are again welcome back to help assist with running the event, and also to attempt to gain their Instructor badge

Same as previous years, these places are strictly limited to FOUR per session

Cost for Course

I've tried to set this as low as possible, but I have had to introduce some changes from previous years:

£25.00 MaA Course (Twyford)
£35.00 MaA Course (Non Twyford)
£10.00 Instructor (Twyford)
£15.00 Instructor (Non Twyford)

The costs above, do not include either the District Shooting competition(£10 TBC), or National Scout Archery Competition (£50 TBC) - Further details about these events will be forthcoming

Final notes

As I said above, I'm looking to take a year off next year, so there is unlikely to be another Archery course for a couple of years

Also, as you might of noticed, Scouts from the rest of the District will be invited shortly, so places may fill up quick!

And......  If any of you previous attendees who are still Scouts AND gained their Instructor badge would like to return to help out, please email me (don't use the form!!!)

Any questions, please contact me


Archery Dates: (Spaces Available 01/02/20)

15 February - (AM 8 / PM 6)
16 February - Empty!
22 February - (AM 7 / PM 4)
23 February - Empty!
07 March - (AM 7 / PM 4)
08 March - Empty!
14 March (BCA) - (AM 7 / PM 5)
15 March (BCA) - Empty!
21 March - (AM 7 / PM 5)
22 March - Empty!
28 March - (AM 7 / PM 5)
29 March Empty!
04 April - (AM 8 / PM 6)
05 April Empty!
11 April - (AM 8 / PM 4)
12 April Empty!
18-19 April - Assessment weekend (no evening session)

AM= 9:00am - 1:00pm
PM= 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Eve= 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Other Dates for your diary

District Scout Shooting Competition 25 April
National Scout Archery Competition 08-10 May
Practice shoot at BCA for those attending 02-03 May
(Priority will be given to NON Archery Club members)

Website Updates

01/02/20 - Available places added / NSAC Practice shoot dates added