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Archery 2020 - Take 2!

Update - 04/11/2020
Final weeks scores added below.
Please see here for more details (including your assessment)

Update - 28/10/2020
Scores for BCA weekend added
After 3 Weeks - 1 Week remaining:
Highest Total Score - OW
Best Average - EP
Most Improved - No clear winner (To be decided next weekend!)

Update - 19/10/2020
Page updated - Scores now on PDF downloads (bottom) & more videos added (right)
After 2 Weeks
Highest Total Score & Best Average  - EP
Most improved - OW

Update - 09/10/2020
Archery sessions dated 10th October / 11th October are cancelled!
(email sent out to all participants)
Please contact me if you haven't received it.

Update - 05/10/2020
Scores from last weekend have been added
Reminder that prizes will be awarded to:
1 - Highest total score
2 - Best average (per arrow)
3 - Most improved archer

Next weekend we will be concentrating on coaching (especially individually), including some video analysis of you all! (example)

Finally, a reminder to check out (or even follow) NUSensei on youtube!
So for some "homework", I've put some of his videos you might find useful on the right (there's hundreds more if you're interested!)

Finally, I mentioned an archer who won a world record (and has no arms) - His name is Matt Stutzman:

Happy shooting!

NuSensei - 10 Things Beginners Do (And Why You Shouldn't)

NuSensei - Rushed Shot Process - Slow Down!

NuSensei - Clean Releases ‎(and How to Avoid Plucking the String)‎

Arrow flight in slow motion (1000fps)

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