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Twyford Scouts Win District Archery Competition

posted 24 Apr 2017, 12:08 by Andy Dent   [ updated 1 Mar 2018, 04:13 by Jane Moore ]

On Sunday 9th April , Twyford took a team of six scouts to the Loddon District shooting competition, a new event this year. There were three events, target archery, field archery (shooting at various angles at different distances) and air rifle shooting. The event was very well attended in fantastic weather with nine teams from around Loddon entering, a total of 37 scouts. A special thanks to Zed for organising it, Chewie for calculating the scores, Slick for the BBQ and helping with the heavy lifting, and Comet, Dug and all the other Loddon District leaders who gave up their time to run the activities.

Our team put in an amazing performance, winning seven of the nine available individual event medals including a clean sweep of the golds and silvers. Even better, every single one of our team won at least one medal, showing a truly great all round team effort and  a great testament to all the hard work put in by them all on their Master at Arms achievement courses this year. Arthur (now officially dubbed "Target") gets a special mention for winning both a Gold and Silver medal and taking the overall winner medal in the form of a chocolate Easter egg!

Arthur "Target" - Gold (Target), Silver (Rifle)

Oliver H - Gold (Rifle)

Josh - Gold (Field)

Maia - Silver (Field)

Lewis "Flo" - Silver (Target)

Chris P - Bronze (Target)