Ruscombe Wood (aka Bluebell Wood)

Updated Sunday 3rd November, after a site visit with Steve Lloyd. 
In order to achieve the Chief Scouts Gold Award, all Scouts need to do a minimum of 6 hours service. The bods who look after Ruscombe Wood, which we use fairly regularly for Wide Games, have asked us for help with generation of a new pond. At present they are coppicing willow and clearing ash and hazel seedlings around the site of the pond, which will be seasonal. The position is a natural hollow which is believed to be an old reed bed used in basket making. What they need is willing souls to remove leaf litter/mulch etc. from this hollow. This will involve spades, barrows and energy! The idea is to add volume to the hollow so it holds more water during winter and possibly give a habitat suitable for crested newts to reproduce in spring. 
The date set for the dig is Saturday 16th November, from 09.00 to 12.00You don't need to be there all the time; let me know your availability by e-mailing The only gear you will need is old clothes, boots or wellies and maybe a waterproof if required. If you are able to bring a spade or barrow, please let me know. We will supply refreshments during the morning. I hope to see you there!


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See the folllow-up news post to see the impact the Group's efforts had.

The picture shows the approximate area to be dug out - bounded by the willow pollards. Not too big, to start with!