Patrol Cooking Competition Results 2017

The preparation is complete, the food has been cooked and the judging completed for last week's patrol cooking competition to decide which patrol(s) win the chance to represent the troop at the Loddon District Cooking Competition on Saturday February 11th.

The competition was judged on three criteria; teamworking, presentation and flavour of the food, with 10 points available for each section (marks out of 30).

Patrol Score Patrol Score Patrol Score
Hawks 12 Eagles 14 Gannets 11
Woodpeckers 20 Kingfishers 13 Owls 16
Ravens 11 Falcons 10 Woodpigeons 12
Merlins 17 Kestrels 20
Swifts 15

This gives us joint winners with Woodpeckers and Kestrel patrols sharing the top score. We now need to put together a team of 5 from these 2 patrols to go forward to the district competition. Could the 2 patrol leaders (Kornie and Adam) work with their patrols to come up with a team of 5 to enter the competition. Please email Purp ( ) with your team, no later than Friday 3rd February to allow time for menu planning and practice the following week.

The full list of rules for the event are attached below.