Isle of Wight Cycling Weekend - 2012

Travel Update: Both buses are on their way back from Lymington, the ferry crossing ran to timetable and we should be back for our ETA of 1900 with plenty of tired Scouts.
Hi all. we need to be at the ferry port by 19.45 to book in, so we need to leave Twyford by 17.45 latest to ensure that. Therefore, we will meet at the HQ at 16.45 which gives us an hour to load the bikes and kit.
Please make sure you have all your kit and any forms/cheques due if you have not brought them already.
We will serve supper when we get to the site, so do make sure you have had something substantial before you go, and bring a drink / snack for the journey / ferry.
A small amount of pocket money should suffice – each Scout should be responsible for their own on this trip.
I will be at home Thursday evening if you have any queries (Summer Camp planning meeting for the leaders tonight).
See you Friday,

Andy Dent,
23 Apr 2012, 11:21