Donkey Derby 2011

A report by Laura Hayes

Well it’s fair to say this year’s donkey derby was smashing! The crockery smash was a big success with long queues every time you looked towards the stall and many helpful scouts helping to keep the crockery shelves full. Other scout run stalls included the Project Africa stall with its bottle tombola and cutlery/shopping bags and as always the BBQ and beer tent.

Other stalls included second hand book stalls, sweet stands and many more carnival styled stalls. The classic dodgems and ‘Hells Gate’ were there, making children’s screams ring out all afternoon, really bringing the atmosphere to life.

As always the donkey race did not fail to entertain us as the donkeys riding the donkeys were wobbled off onto the floor and many of the donkeys finished the race without their riders. Winner of the race was our very own Issy Wilkins!

The final event of the day was the much anticipated crisp drop. Unfortunately the pilot had not gone to target practice meaning when it came to the crisp drop well let’s just say there were not too many people (on the field at least) eating crisps!