Course Week 1 - Introduction

Hopefully you enjoyed being able to spend a lot more time shooting than normal on a Scout night

During this session we spent time going through some of what's coming up over the next few weeks

We also discussed safety, risk assessments, gave out training bands (hope you are using them?!)

Winter Camp will have a 20m range set up, and those who are NOT coming to Camp will be able to come down and practice during the session (more on that later)

During the next sessions there will be more coaching, to cover some of the following:

Range Layout
Maintenance and checking equipment
Types of archery
Coaching - From you and us!!
Accessible Shooting
Drug use in sports

The first weeks scores are also available to download from below - I'm looking forward to seeing how you all improve over the next few weeks!

Couple of videos that might be useful - from a Youtube user called Nusensei

Getting Started With Archery

Anchor Point

String Slap (or "Ouch! Why Did I Hit Myself?")

Zed Scouts,
29 Jan 2017, 03:37