Coaching Sessions - Page 2

Coaching Session 2 & Outdoor Session 2 - What was Zed trying to do?

Something to consider for an Archer:

Archery is mostly in the mind!

Were you happy / annoyed about your last arrow you shot? - Did it go in the Gold or miss the target completely?
If that's the case, then how will you NOT think about that when you shoot your next arrow?

Remember that Repetition, Repetition, Repetition is the ONLY way that you can try to get all your arrows to go in the same place.

So, are you thinking the same thing for EVERY shot? - Or have you now put extra pressure on yourself for the next shot, because you are annoyed / happy about the last shot?

How often are you hitting the target with one arrow, and then missing with the next?

Is your last arrow your worst - or your best? - Answer - It should be the same as your first one.

Try and find a routine / pattern of shooting for EACH arrow that is ALWAYS the same - Looking at the ground helps some people.  Listening to the wind or the birds helps some people to relax and be in the same frame of mind for each shot.

Try to remember to BREATHE the same, to load the arrow the same, to look at the target the same, grab hold of an arrow the same way, etc, etc

EVERYTHING you do for EACH arrow you shoot should be the same as the one before, and the next one.

What you do between each shot is just as important - and could make the difference between hitting the gold, or missing the target.

Finally - getting good rest, and eating properly is also important. - Welcome to the world of being an athlete!

Are you spotting a pattern yet?!!!

What's next on the course?

As this archery course draws (you see what I did there?!) to a close, we have a few things left to do at the HQ:

Going through the assessment day, and what you will be doing.

Coaching each other.

Inventing a new Archery game to play

Bit more on eyesight and how it affects your shooting with some demonstration of blind and deaf archery.

What can you do next, including buying your first bow.

A couple more videos to watch - You might be spotting a theme on this page?!