Coaching Sessions - Page 1

Session 1
You should now be able to do the following:

String and de-string a bow CORRECTLY
Check a bow before shooting (check for limb twist)
Check arrow length
Warm up and cool down (please come up with a better name for the "washing machine"!)
Identify basic poor shooting (America!)
Set up a range indoors

We also touched on:

String walking
Face walking
Eye site arrow relationship
Arrow maintenance
Range layout

Blimey - that's a lot more than "Have a go" - And more to come

Outdoor Session 1

The session at Paddicks was to introduce Field Archery to you all

The main differences are:

Different stance (trying to keep shoulders level and in line with target)
Touching a peg, and not standing either side of a shooting line
Going round a course, where every target is a different distance
Shooting without "sighters"
There may be obstructions (trees for example)
The target may be higher or lower than you (shooting up, or shooting down)

Zed Scouts,
26 Feb 2017, 02:02