Assessment Day - Saturday 8th April

We have the hut booked from 10am till whenever (Whole day)

As before LUNCH will NOT be provided, so please bring something to eat if you need to!

I have listed most of what would be expected on the right, and it should not take longer than about 2 hours MAX

There will be 3 targets set up at 10m with a 122cm, 80cm and 40cm target face on each.

I plan to have 2 hour sessions throughout the day - Please let me know via the email link what times you are available, and I will let you know when your session is.  (You are welcome to stay all day, but remember that getting tired can affect your shooting!!)

10:00 - 12:00
12:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 16:00
16:00 - 18:00
18:00 - 20:00

Finally, as promised - please look at the attached Bad Form 2 PDF, and try to identify the number of things wrong you can see in ALL the photos!

A prize will be given to the closest number that agrees with mine - Good luck!

See you on Saturday


For your assessment, you need to demonstrate AS A MINIMUM the following:
(Remember we are NOT looking to fail ANYONE - Prompts will be given if needed)
  • Get your bow ready to shoot barebow - and pack away afterwards
  • Check arrow length on someone else
  • Getting yourself ready to shoot including WARM UP and COOL DOWN afterwards
  • Scoring someone elses arrows (Groups of 3 from HIGHEST to LOWEST - eg 8, 8, 7  and then 4, 2, Miss)
  • Demonstrate and Explain FAST and COME DOWN and why they are used
  • Retrieve & carry your arrows SAFELY (Remember look behind before pulling arrows from the target!!)
  • Take turns at being Field Captain, and explain what you need to do before shooting
  • Demonstrate a GOOD style of shooting (Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!!)
  • Finally - coach someone and find something good about their style, and something you might improve.
For the Assessment Shooting you will either shoot at a 40cm OR a 80cm Target (Depending on age and if applicable personal choice)

Shoot MAX 12 arrows as sighters
Shoot 36 Arrows in ends of either 3 or 6 (up to you)

Now this is where it might get complicated (Not my fault!)

The Archery GB Badge colour you get will be dependent on your score (With RED being the highest and WHITE the lowest)
I have added the scores you need and the average per arrow with the badge colour you will get.

Example 1 - If you are Under 14 (and over 12) - You can't get the highest RED Badge if you shoot at a 80cm target, you would need to score 204 with 36 arrows if you are male, and 214 with 36 if you are female - both at a 40cm Target

Example 2 - If you are Under 12 - You cannot get the lowest WHITE badge if you shoot at a 40cm target, you would need to score 174 with 36 arrows if you are female, and 184 with 36 if you are male - both at a 80cm Target

Hope that all makes sense?!!
Zed Scouts,
1 Apr 2017, 09:46
Zed Scouts,
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