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This year’s winter camp took us back to one of our favourite campsites over at Dorneywood in Burnham Beeches.  With a forecast of very cold weather and snow already covering the ground 9 intrepid scouts and 3 leaders headed off in Zebedee for the annual winter camp. On arrival, we were greeted by a magnificent snow covered campsite, all ready for our weekend of fun.  A quick look around the site, suggested that we choose the higher ground on the western side of the site for this year’s camp, so to keep warm everybody worked hard to put up the canvas and carry all of the kit to our weekend home. While erecting the tents, the temptation to go and play in the snow proved too much and various improvised sledges quickly appeared (tables, benches, dustbin lids and even shovels! were pressed in to service). 

With temperatures forecast to fall well below freezing we set about building up the fires and cooked a hearty dinner. Saturday evening was a quiet affair, spent sitting around the fires and gathering wood by torch light. With the temperature falling away to minus 10 by 9pm, it began to feel a ‘bit nippy’ and everyone gathered around the fires before a round of  hot chocolate and an early night (by Twyford standards). The two large tents were made as snug as possible with a few additional sleeping bags and blankets. 

We woke late on Sunday, with most of the scouts choosing to play in the snow whilst the leader team set about defrosting the food and kit – every item of food had frozen solid overnight, with the exception of the meat in the cool boxes!  A late full English breakfast consisting of warmed milk and cornflakes, sausage, bacon eggs beans and anything else that had survived the cold was demolished by all in readiness for a day working in the local woods. 

We were joined on Sunday by Litmus and Andy with Nick and Arran visiting us for the day, this gave us a team of 6 leaders and 10 scouts to tackle a couple of large fallen trees that the warden had allowed us to remove for firewood. Tackling the larger trees gave us the opportunity to put some of our scouting skills to good use, with knives, axes, saws, ropes and block & tackle all being used. By late afternoon we had enough firewood to cook Sunday dinner and build a campfire for later in the evening. Sunday dinner on winter camp lived up to previous years, with our newly acquired filed (field? Droof!) oven being used to cook a superb full roast dinner with pudding and custard.

After clearing up from dinner we all gathered around the campfire for an evening of singing followed by hot drinks and bed. With Monday being our last day on site, we didn't need to spend much time collecting firewood and time was spent playing a few games using the ropes to make swings and rope courses through the trees.

After yet more food including plenty of lovely cakes , we took down the camp and loaded the trailer for the return to Twyford. After such a wonderful weekend, I don't think any of us were in a hurry to get home as it is unusual to spend time outdoors in such wintry conditions. A great time was had by all, and for once everything on the kit list DID get used.

A big thanks to the leader team, the camp warden for making us feel so welcome and to the parents for their support and cakes :)


Home for the weekend 
Home for the weekend
                                        Happy Birthday Danny
Tree fellers - I count 5 
                                        Waiting for dinner