** UPDATE 28th July**
TICK Information for Parents

After an "Infestation" of Ticks on the second overnight hike, we would strongly suggest that you keep an eye on the puncture marks to check for any redness or swelling.

This normally looks like a "Bullseye" and spreads out from the initial "Bite".  This can occur within 1-30 days after the bite.

If you find this or any change in your child's condition over the coming weeks, (or Flu like symptoms - fever, aching joints) please contact your GP for further advice, and mention the possibility of Ticks to them.

If you have any concerns about this, please contact NHS Healthcare (111 from any phone).

Further advice is available from the NHS Website HERE or another useful source of information from the LABS Testing UK Site HERE.

I hope this doesn't spoil your summer, but please remember that Lyme Disease is quite rare, and is normally treatable with a mild course of antibiotics.

Kit List added below

Please see notes below which (hopefully) answers most of your questions:


Campsite Change
Due to the extreme weather during the start of the year, Collard Bridge is no more - It is just Collard, and the campsite has had to close for the foreseeable future until the bridge can be replaced. (News report link for those interested).

The NEW location for Summer Camp is Oare Farm, nr Porlock, Somerset (see map - Right).

Zed – Camp Leader - to assist in getting Green Field Camping Permit.
Purp – Actual Camp permit holder.
Sue Glew – Camp Contact - Please email Sue ( during the Camp - Her contact details will be issued to all Parents before we leave.


Please return ALL Activity forms to Zed by Tuesday 18th June.

· Coasteering
· Surfing
· Climbing
· Archery
· Horse Riding
· Segway
· Zorbing
· Overnight Hikes
· Cycling
· Beach day
· Trip to local town

(The three activities in Red require SPECIFIC parental permission, so please initial on the PC Forms Yes or No - EVEN if your child doesn't want to do it - They have been known to change their minds when they get there!).

Camping & Equipment

Leaving Saturday 20th July 09:00 – Return Saturday 27th 17:00-18:00

Personal kit based on activities (Kit list form to be uploaded soon).

Please note that the Hikes will require waterproofs, a proper day bag (no string types) and adequate "sturdy" footwear.  We do have a selection of Boots for hire, First come first served (Speak to Purp if interested).

Knives - Please contact Purp / Zed if you require further advice on knives, but we recommend Fixed blade knives over Swiss army style folding knives.  There are also cheaper alternatives than those branded by a certain Chief Scout (Bear Grylls)!

Cakes! - Yes please (My personal preference are the lemon drizzle cakes, but others are just as welcome!)

Medication - Please ensure that the medication is CLEARLY marked and we are informed, even if it is self administered.

Cost & Camp Bank

The cost is set at £220 - Please can you ensure to pay the outstanding balance by June 30th together with TWO COPIES of the PC Form filed in and signed, also by the 30th June. 

Due to limited opportunity to spend money, we suggest the spending money capped at £30 – and will run Camp bank - Please hand in your Child's money (to a maximum of £30 per Scout) to either Purp or Zed (Will accept on the day of departure).

Any other Questions?

Please contact either Zed or Purp if you need any further information or if you have any problems or concerns.

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