Final Information

We are leaving this Saturday - YIKES is it that time already!

Meeting time:

Please be at the Scout Hut prompt Saturday 20th July for 8:30am with ALL your personal kit packed. Scouts need to bring a packed lunch for the journey there, obviously separately from their camping kit, as we are unable to provide lunch on Saturday.

Please try to get your child involved in packing their kit as they are more likely to know what they brought!

If you are working out the clothes based on the weather, I totally understand, but please do not assume that it will be perfect for the whole week, and also remember that if your child gets sunburnt, they can feel the cold more at night (so don't forget the jumper / fleece!)

If you are going to be cycling don't forget your helmet. We can't allow any Scouts to cycle without helmets so no helmet might well mean no ride if there aren't any spare for you to borrow from someone else.


Knives are NOT to be packed with personal Kit, but handed into either Zed or Purp beforehand)

Camp Bank:

Please hand in any spending money (If you wish, it isn't compulsory) (but to a maximum of £30) to Zed on Saturday for safe keeping, and issuing out at suitable times throughout the Camp.


Medication is to be CLEARLY marked with the Child's FULL name and dosage required, and handed into Zed, if you would like us to help administer.
If you are happy for your child to self-administer, I would strongly suggest that their medication is packed in their Daybag.

Weather - Very Important!

The weather is looking likely to be HOT and SUNNY!!!
Please try to ensure that your child has the sunscreen they prefer, as well as a hat and water bottle in their day bag.  A long sleeved shirt with collars would also be suggested to help reduce the risk of sunburn.

Empty coke bottles with screw tops would make perfect water bottles if needed.

WE WILL BE TRAVELLING TO SITE IN TOP HALF UNIFORM (WITH KNECKERS) and would suggest light shoes / trainers and shorts - NOT trousers for comfort.


If you have been asked, and have agreed to bring your bikes, please can you bring them FRIDAY evening from 6pm, so that these can be pre-loaded with the rest of the camp equipment.

Other than that, See you Saturday, and can't wait!!!!