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Camp Ruffit - 2014

Camp Ruffit - it's gone!
Well, we had a great time....

It started by meeting at the HQ for the necessary paperwork and a briefing, then the PL's and Young Leaders boarded Zebedee 4 for the journey to camp. We made it as far as Shottesbrooke where they were unloaded and had to follow their instructions to hike back to..... Ruscombe Woods, picking up items of kit at points along the way. Here we (eventually) had some lunch and coppiced hazel staves for use on shelters etc. At this point the Scouts still did not know where they were camping but a short walk later found themselves at Penn's Gardens as the guests of the Turner household. All they needed was to set up somewhere to sleep, somewhere to cook and eat in relative comfort. This was achieved, with a little help from the leaders, in time to eat by about 19.00. As the dinner was quite filling, camp fire songs formed the interlude before pudding. Most of them ended up in their pits (hammocks or bivouacs) by 22.00 and with the extra hour had a good nights sleep. 

Next morning a hearty breakfast was followed by archery and fire lighting. Purp set up the bows & arrows on the lawn and Droof set up a very different kind of bow well out of the way in the woods.

It was with great satisfaction that 3 pairs of Scouts produced an ember using the bow drill method of friction fire lighting. well done to you all - it is not easy. See the photos opposite.

After taking down their shelters and packing kit the Scouts walked back to HQ to be whisked away for much needed showers....

Any other anecdotes and photos welcome - Droof.

Many thanks to Lynda & Dave Turner for the use of their land!

 Alex and Kier smoking....

 Kelloggs (aka Hinge) with the tinder alight.

Cameron (Lower Earley PL) also with flames.

Phil Hayes,
5 Oct 2014, 10:49
Phil Hayes,
5 Oct 2014, 10:51