District Cooking Competition 2012

Well done to all our Scouts - Joe Perry, Adam Parker, Frank Wrigley, Alex Followell and Jack Daisley -  who spent last Saturday (4th Feb) at our HQ taking part in the District Cooking Competition. The results file for all troops is attached at the foot of this note (anyone know why Excel will not display as per the original file?), so you can hopefully see the good and not quite so good points! A special mention for Adam, as he kindly joined the 'District' team with Scouts from 99th Reading and 5th Woodley. This team was made up with Scouts from troops who had more than the 4 allowed in the rules and who otherwise would have missed out. 5 points for your Patrol, Adam.  Below is the report I've put forward for the District website.


District Cooking Competition 2012.
This year saw the highest entry level for many a time, which is great news. There were 10 teams chopping, steaming, frying  & garnishing their way to wow the Judges and earn enough points to lift the magnificent ‘pot on a plank’ trophy (and precious Murray Plate points).
The attached results file shows all your scores for the various elements of the competition, so you can see where you did well and where you may improve. Hazel & Dee, the judges, found the task of marking very difficult, as the teams were so close in many areas. In the end, 1st Wargrave ran out clear winners and go on to represent the District at the County competition at the end of February. They scored well in all areas of marking. 3rd Woodley finished second and the other troops in very close order thereafter. The main reasons for lower scoring were:
Choice of dish – it was a CELEBRATION meal.
Menu – poor spelling and grammar! Half the teams had DESERT instead of DESSERT! And it’s Eton Mess – not EATEN! (It was in the end, I suppose...)
Variable standard of table layout & decoration
On the plus side, most teams displayed a good standard of hygiene and safety, although not all included the wearing of a hat.
A special mention goes to the Scouts who made up the ‘District’ team and cooked a decent meal from the ingredients supplied – without prior knowledge of these or the team mates! Well done. And indeed, well done to all o f you -  I hope you enjoyed the afternoon at Twyford HQ and look forward to seeing a good turnout again next year.
Alan Foord
SL, 1st Twyford.
Andy Dent,
8 Feb 2012, 12:28