Camping Competition 2012

Team Falkland Island

The district camping competition is a Murray Plate event, where scouts from the Loddon District compete against teams from the other troops in the district. This year the camping competition was held 
on Sat 12 & Sun 13 May 2012, at Goring Heath Scout Campsite, Crays Pond (near Goring). 
The theme was a rather mixed affair containing elements of Olympic, Paralympic  and Eurovision events. Points being awarded across a range of activities including camping skills, cooking, teamwork etc. with additional awards being made in the games and 'World O Vision activities.A great fun weekend, the Falkland Islanders (Danny, Issy, Andy, Ben, Tommy and Jonny) came 2nd in the camp gate competition (they built a drawbridge), 2nd in the World O Vision sketch (re-enactment of the Falklands War meets Star Wars!!!) and 2nd in the camp games section.
Overall the team came 5th in the district camping competition, earning some good solid points towards the Murray Plate.

Home for the weekend - life around the camp

Where are you going Andy ?
You will need to shout louder !