Great Breakfast Chase 2012

Well done to the three teams who took part in this year's GBC, this proved to be a very popular event again this year with 22 scout and explorer teams from around the district navigating their way around Burnham Beeches.

Our three teams set out on a six mile incident hike late on Saturday, completing most of the event in darkness. All three managed to navigate around the course and completed all 6 bases in reasonable times, with all returning by midnight to camp for a well earned burger, hot chocolate and campfire.

The weather defied the recent forecasts and remained dry throughout, and with clear skies overnight temperatures fell away to bring a lovely covering of frost by Sunday morning.

Breakfast consisting of sausages, bacon, eggs and beans was cooked in typical Twyford style over an open fire, which was a nice end to a fine event. After packing all of the kit back on the trailer everyone returned (very tired and smelling of wood smoke) to HQ, almost on time (30 minutes late).

We all enjoyed ourselves and hope to see you all back again next year.  Taking part and enjoying a night out is usually reward enough, but in the process the troop gains valuable points towards this year's district trophy (The Murray Plate).

Our 3 teams entered for this event:

Team Quebec Team Kilo Team Bravo
Stephen Hayes Andy Fox Chloe Rogers
Danny Sinfield Ben Johnson Izzi Wilkins
Joe Perry (& Batman) Harvey Mullins Katie Pollington
Adam Parker Leo Michael Alex Bramley
Tom Sinfield Liam Thompson Ellie Winterburn
Matthew Peck Thomas Sherwell

Those taking part will earn 1 night and 1 hike away towards your Challenge badges. There will be some related training and practice at troop meetings before the event.