Great Breakfast Chase 2011

The event has now come and gone. When we get full results in we will put them up on here as we did last year but regardless of the numbers all Twyford teams performed well. Most importantly, we hope everyone enjoyed the event and will be back next year.

Entry has now closed. If you have entered you should have received all the final information by email. If you haven't please email Purple (Phil) ASAP.

Payment and Permission Form are needed on the day, without them you can't hike or camp.
This year the GBC is on Saturday 8th/Sunday 9th October, based at Rushall's Farm west of Reading, a new area for the competition. For those who have not taken part before it is a competition hike in teams of 4-6 Scouts (and Explorers and leaders!), over a distance of about 6 miles. On the route you will encounter 5 bases - 4 of which will be activities and the middle one a refreshment stop. Each activity is marked according to the team's performance. At each base you will collect a part of Sunday's breakfast. This is a Loddon District event, so we will compete against other troops for Murray Plate points.

Twyford are the current GBC champs! We would like to get in as many teams as possible, so if you would like to take part let any leader know - we will be asking at troop meetings. Those taking part will earn 1 night and 1 hike away towards your Challenge badges. There will be some related training and practice at troop meetings before the event.

NOTE! - we could enter adult only teams, so if any parents are minded to have a go, get together and let us know....