Great Breakfast Chase 2010

At Furze Platt Scout Campsite, Strande Lane, Maidenhead
Well, an excellent turn-out from Twyford Scouts - we managed to enter 3 teams in the competition after numbers undulated during the week before, with late entrants and unfortunate Scouts who fell ill at the wrong time!

After loading up at the HQ we made the tortuous journey all the way to Maidenhead and set about making camp. Most Scouts pitched their abodes without too much fuss - apart from ? and ? who managed to turn their Khyam virtually inside out. It took 4 leaders the best part of 90 minutes to sort it out! We considered having it as a base on the hike.

A couple of unwelcome heavy afternoon showers didn't dampen the enthusiasm and the teams duly ate their grub, got their kit ready andplanned the route onto their maps and waited for the off.

Our first team out was Bravo, with Emma, Issy and Ilona under the leadership of Laura. What a team - you could see the cloud of hot air rising up over the Cookhams!

Next out were team Hotel, a bunch of likely lads - James, Kit, Stephen, Patrick & Louis - with just about an ounce of map-reading skill between them.

Our last team, Oscar were the last Scout team out at about 21.00. We thought that Jonty, Ben, Josh & Dan would have had a bit more than an ounce..... Still, they all got round the course (eventually) and participated in all the base activities, which was more than some patrols managed.

Oscar and Hotel were the last back to site at about 03.30 on Sunday morning, closely followed by Papa, our Young Leaders, who were the 'sweep' patrol.

Team Oscar won the competiton outright, coming 1st on 2 bases, 2nd and 5th the others (team Hotel also won 1 base, so Twyford Scouts won 3 out of 4!). 

District Scout Leader Robert Kimber read out the results in alphabetical order, so the 2 Wargrave patrols who came 2nd & 3rd wondered why they had been missed until the 3-2-1 was announced. Being Oscar, they would have been read out last anyway, so were most surprised to hear that they had won!

Well done to all of you, the map reading and navigation was not easy (not 1 patrol got round without going astray); I hope you all had a great time. Thanks to all the District and other Twyford leaders who helped put the event together.
The winning patrol, Oscar, with their certificate.
Results sheet is attached below - click on the 'download' button.
Andy Dent,
25 Oct 2010, 13:52