5-a-side Football 2011

The District 5-a-side football was on Sunday 10th April, from 1 - 5pm at Academy Sport in south Reading.

Your team of Scouts did really well in the competition, finishing 2nd in their group games to 5th Woodley Darwin, which meant that they had to play 5th Woodley Grenfell in the first semi final. Both teams from 5th won all their group games and were the teams to beat. Twyford surprised everyone by going into a 2 goal lead but finally lost out 4-3 in the best contest of the afternoon. Sonning overcame Darwin in the second semi final and played a good game to draw 2-2 with Grenfell in a tense final. So, to penalties with all 5 players having a go; still level scoring 3 each; then to sudden death which saw Grenfell triumphant. Twyford then beat Darwin 3-1 to take 3rd place.

Now, I said they did really well. That is because only 3 Scouts out of the 9 who said they wanted to play actually turned up. We were fortunate to borrow a player from 5th Woodley (who fielded 3 teams), so therefore Jonty, Ben S and Stephen, plus 1 achieved 3rd place with 4 players, a remarkable effort.

The implication with the Murray Plate is that if we had fielded all Twyford players we would now be the winners. As it is, we only score half points when not competing with all our own Scouts, so now Sonning are the recipients, overtaking us by about 2 points..