3 Towers Hike 2012

I'm typing this with just about the only parts of me that don't ache! Well done to all Scouts (two teams in the top ten) and leaders who took part yesterday and gave it their all. Good to see some of you at the presentation this morning - if you didn't make it, you'll get your certificate and medal shortly. The official results should be up on the hike website by Monday evening. We will have more news and photos soon. Thanks to Litmus for checking the Scouts through at Pangbourne and encouraging all of us at various points on the route.


We have 5 Scout and 3 Leader teams.

Team DroofPurpSpud (Confirmed entry)
Droof, Purple and Spud (Paul Haynes) (Scout Leaders/Exec)

Team ScrambledLegs (Confirmed entry) - raising money for the
Great North Air Ambulance and Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust:
Andy, Olly and Ed (Scout/Beaver Leaders)

Blister Sisters (Confirmed entry) 
Alison, Angeline and Francis (Cub Leaders)

Team Polehampton Hares (Confirmed entry) - Check-in at 09:52
Joe Perry, Stephen Hayes, Danny Sinfield

Team Polehampton Whippets (Confirmed entry) - Check-in at 09:03
Matthew Rawlings, Andy Fox, Callum O'Donnell

Team Polehampton Gazelles (Confirmed entry) - Check-in at 09:32
Chloe Rogers, Izzy Wilkins, Katie Pollington

Team Polehampton Greyhounds (Confirmed entry) - Check-in at 09:58
Patrick Hall, Gabriel Hawkins, Louis Walker

Team Polehampton Wildebeest (Confirmed entry) - Check-in at 08:45
Ben Johnson, Leo Michael, Harvey Mullins

This is an excellent turn out!
Droof and Purp