3 Towers Hike 2014

Saturday April 12th

This year the group entered 7 teams in the annual 3 Towers Hike event with 3 teams entering Tim's Junket (20km), 2 teams in the Scout event (25km), 1 team in the Scout Plus event (40km) and 1 team in the Classic event (70km) - a total of 23 hikers.

A big well done to all who took part and also to Litmus who managed the early morning logistics of gettting scouts and kit all together ready for the start.

The results for Twyford teams were as follows:

Tim's Junket:
Jinny plus 2                        4 hours 03 minutes (Silver)
Talk the Walk                     5 hours 35 minutes (Silver)
Winterburns Racers            5 hours 41 minutes (Bronze)

Twyford Gazelles                6 hours 54 minutes (Silver)
Twyford Cheetahs              10 hours 19 minutes (Bronze)

Scout Plus:
Twyford Wildebeest           10 hours 28 minutes (Bronze)

PurpDroofSpud                  15 hours 58 minutes (Bronze) 

All team members completed their respective hikes, which is an excellent achievement, special mention to the ScoutPlus team, who rasied some much needed funding towards Ben and Liam's Jamboree trip in 2015 through sponsorship.
Andy Dent,
29 May 2014, 12:45