3 Towers Hike 2011

UPDATE AS OF 11/04/11
Saturday 9th April - it was a long day, longer for some than others!

What fantastic weather, although rather too warm for those of us not used to it in early spring! The leader team, Droofpurplitmus, rounded themselves up at 06.30 to get to 79th Reading for kit check at 07.20 and a start time at Purley of 08.00.

The 3 Scout teams (Hares, Whippets, Gazelles) had later kit check / start times at Pangbourne and due to one Scout dropping out ended up as a team of 3 and a team of 5. All successfully negotiated the course, which was very firm under foot, with deep ruts and hoof imprints - which is exactly why they stipulate boots for ankle support.

The famous 5 of Daniel Sinfield, Gabriel Hawkins, Will Bryant, Stephen Hayes & Laura Hayes recorded a time of 6 hrs 10 mins, very respectable. The dynamic trio of Patrick Hall, Joe Perry and Matthew Rawlins did 7hrs 43 mins - although longer, was the fastest time for a team aged 12 & under! Well done to all.

By the time the Scouts had finished, the leaders were less than half way in the goal of 70km! Taking full advantage of tea, muffins, biscuits, squash, pasties, crisps and all the other snacks on offer at the checkpoints, they finally entered 79th at 01.34 on Sunday morning after 17hrs 34 mins on the hoof.

I hope all concerned 'enjoyed' the experience and are none the worse physically - it certainly is an achievement.


Pictures downloaded from the website, www.hike.org.uk, where you can also find a full results service and a link to a Youtube photo montage.