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Beavers meet the Birds

posted 16 Feb 2019, 10:13 by Jane Moore   [ updated 27 Feb 2020, 05:22 by Jane Moore ]
Our Beaver Scouts had a great encounter with some birds of prey thanks to a visit from our local Feathers & Fur Falconry Centre. 

The Beavers met Bailey the Barn Owl, Bourneville the Kestrel & Charlie the Indian Eagle.
Wearing gauntlets the Beavers were able to have both Bailey & Bourneville 'perch' on their arms.  Charlie was too heavy for them to hold! 

The Beavers learned a lot of interesting information about the birds especially that the kestrel uses his ultraviolet eyesight to follow the trail of wee from mice to catch them!   Exactly the type of info that Beavers enjoy knowing!

The finale was amazing as the Beavers lay on the floor while Echo, a Harris Hawk, flew so low over them that they could feel the draught from his huge wings.