Beavers visit Pets at Home

posted 6 Mar 2020, 02:15 by Jane Moore   [ updated 7 Mar 2020, 00:50 ]

This week both colonies had separate visits to the Wokingham store.  
They had hands on experiences with Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, a Hamster and each fed some fish. 

 They learned a lot and several would have gone home wanting to add to their menageries at home!  The visits were enjoyed by all thanks to the expert knowledge of the staff. The Beavers will attain their Animal Friend Activity Badge.

All In Camp 2020 - May 22 - 24

posted 27 Feb 2020, 05:33 by Jane Moore   [ updated 3 Mar 2020, 08:32 ]

The Group is planning this year's camp for our youngsters to share a weekend with a parent.  Details will be announced soon.  A reminder that any adult wishing to attend will need an up-to-date DBS so please take action when asked as sometimes the applications take some time to work through the system. .

The Great Breakfast Chase 2019

posted 14 Oct 2019, 09:04 by Alan Foord

10 teams from troops across Loddon District turned up at Goring Heath Scout Campsite at Crays Pond in miserable weather and set up camp. Once settled each were given a route card to plot the route on to their map; then to get fed, kit checked and off at 15 minute intervals. By now the miserable weather had changed to persistent rain, so setting out in the wet and dark in unfamiliar countryside must have been daunting, especially for younger teams. Teams encountered 6 bases along the route at which short tasks or games were undertaken to earn points, plus a refreshment tent at about half way. By 22.00 the persistent rain had become heavy, with short bursts being torrential. Our teams, Charlie and Hotel went out an hour or so apart with mixed fortunes but all returned safely to camp and to bed. After a leisurely breakfast and clearing our site (in.... rain) we headed for the presentations in the HQ building. Team Charlie came 3rd in the time trial (aggregate walking time between bases) and held their breath as the scores were counted down from 10th, with Charlie coming out winners. Well done to both teams for taking part in challenging conditions. My own abiding memory is sitting on a base in the woods, under a tarp in pouring rain and each and every team turning up with smiles and good humour.


Beavers on the River

posted 8 Jul 2019, 02:35 by Jane Moore   [ updated 27 Feb 2020, 05:24 ]

Last summer the Beavers tried KataKanuing - what a great time they had!  In case you don't know a KataKanu is a catamaran made by permanently fixing two kayaks together - so a great chance for Beavers to earn a 'Time on the Water' badge in a craft that can't tip over!  We are planning to have another go in July 2020.  Watch this space!
Thanks to the Wokingham Waterside centre whose great instructors ensured the Beavers got the very most out of their experience.

Where's the Summer Camp 2018 Video?

posted 31 Mar 2019, 03:36 by Zed Scouts

Oops - somehow I completely forgot to actually add the Summer Camp 2018 presentation film to the website!

Hope it brings back some good memories, and gets you all looking forward to this year in Dartmoor!


Beavers meet the Birds

posted 16 Feb 2019, 10:13 by Jane Moore   [ updated 27 Feb 2020, 05:22 by Jane Moore ]

Our Beaver Scouts had a great encounter with some birds of prey thanks to a visit from our local Feathers & Fur Falconry Centre. 

The Beavers met Bailey the Barn Owl, Bourneville the Kestrel & Charlie the Indian Eagle.
Wearing gauntlets the Beavers were able to have both Bailey & Bourneville 'perch' on their arms.  Charlie was too heavy for them to hold! 

The Beavers learned a lot of interesting information about the birds especially that the kestrel uses his ultraviolet eyesight to follow the trail of wee from mice to catch them!   Exactly the type of info that Beavers enjoy knowing!

The finale was amazing as the Beavers lay on the floor while Echo, a Harris Hawk, flew so low over them that they could feel the draught from his huge wings.

Climbing Beavers

posted 22 Sep 2018, 14:39 by Jane Moore   [ updated 22 Sep 2018, 14:52 ]


Thanks to Paul from the County Climbing Team our Beavers, like the other sections of the Group, were able to go climbing last week. Using a borrowed mobile wall every youngster in the Group had the opportunity to try this adventurous activity.  For many Beavers this was their first experience of climbing and quite a few managed to reach the top!  They all enjoyed the challenge and finished the evening with wide grins on their faces!  Scouting in 

Scout National Archery Competition 2018

posted 20 May 2018, 06:00 by Zed Scouts   [ updated 8 Jul 2018, 00:44 by Droof Scouts ]

Whilst most of you were basking in the sun at Stonor (?!) for the last ever 'P&S' camp - 9 Scouts and 3 Leaders attended the National Archery competition at Phasels Wood Campsite (home to Loddon's 2007 also rather wet centenary camp!)

And whilst the weather was similar to what the rest of the group enjoyed, I can say (somewhat modestly) we did rather well!

There are 4 different events organised (but with different ages and equipment) 20 yard target archery, 40 yard target archery, a field archery event and a clout event.  Twyford managed to have winners in 3 of them and a silver in the 4th!

Twyford Scout Troop can now claim fame to having the National Scout U14 Field Archery Champion (Josh), the National Scout U14 Clout Archery Champion (Arthur) and the National Scout U18 40yard Barebow Archery Champion (Maia) , with only the U14 20 yard eluding us (Josh came second!) from a potential clean sweep in all 4 events!

All in all, a very successful weekend, and I am looking forward to going next year to take you all back to defend your trophies, and hopefully pick up some more medals and trophies.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL my fellow coaches (past, on hold and current) and also the 9 scouts (you know who you are) for a very enjoyable weekend

Finally, I would like to thank my fellow Leaders Dug and Comet as well as the nine Brussels for their contribution to another excellent archery event for Twyford!

Right then, bragging over - Night All!!

A rather proud Zed!

Cubs Renew Promise for 100 Years of Cub Scouts

posted 18 Dec 2016, 06:31 by Andy Dent

Friday 16th December 2016 marked the 100 year anniversary of Cub Scouts. To honour the occasion, all three Twyford Cub packs assembled at Twyford village centre to renew their promise.

Twyford Cubs Renew Promise
The renewal of their promise comes as the final special activity organised this year to celebrate 100 years of Cub Scouts. Other activities included an overnight stay on the HMS Belfast, a special showing of The Jungle Book film at Odeon, Maidenhead and additional activities at the annual group Cub Camp.


Following the renewal of their promise all attendees were rewarded with a commemorative cake, 100 of which were prepared by one of our Cub leaders.

Summer Camp 2016 - Video

posted 5 Nov 2016, 13:03 by Zed Scouts   [ updated 5 Nov 2016, 13:07 ]

Summer Camp 2016

In something of a record for me, the videos are now on the website!  Click photo to have a look.  Regards, Zed

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