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Buffalos' Pack Meeting News

Last Updated 14 October 2019

A quick note about this page: This page will carry information about the upcoming Buffalo pack meetings in an attempt to cut down emails, letters and phone calls to and from the leadership team. This page will always carry the date that it was last updated and all efforts will be made to keep it completely up to date with the latest information

Wednesday 16 October 2019 

Back to the HQ starting at later time 7.15pm and finishing as usual at 8.00 p.m.  

Next week the Cubs are being given a presentation about deepest Uganda.  You may be aware that five of our older scouts/Explorers and Leaders took part in a Berkshire initiative to go to Uganda this summer to undertake community work (plus some sightseeing). Some of them will come along on each Cub night to talk about their time there, which for many of them was a life changing experience.  Any parents that are interested are also welcome to sit in on the presentation(s), in which case please be at the HQ at 7 pm on Monday and Tuesday, or 7.15 on Wednesday.

 District Chess competition  one more cub required

An opportunity to gain the hobby activity badge   

 It will be held on Sat 9th November 2-4.30pm at the scout hut behind St. Peters Church, Church Rd, Earley.

We  can enter 3 Cubs initially as we are limited by space.


Please let me know if you are interested in taking part.


The deadline for entries will be Fri 1st November. 

 The competition will consist of at least five matches played during the afternoon, each of approximately 20 minutes duration.  Swiss rules will apply. In the event of an eventual tie S.O.S (Sum of opponents scores will apply) this system will determine the outright district champion.

There is limited parking near the church hall, and sometimes there is additional parking in the school playground next door.

Refreshments will be provided (Squash / Water and biscuit). Please could parents / leaders advise us if their cubs have allergies / food intolerance, and leave a mobile phone number in case we have to contact them during the afternoon (although they are welcome to stay and support /help)

Image result for cub hobby badgeImage result for cub hobby badge

Still looking for parents to help us.

A term or so ago we tried out a parent rota whereby parents could volunteer to come along on Cub night and assist the Leaders

as necessary, and it worked rather well. Although we have to restrict the number of Cubs in the Group, they are nonetheless

approaching 30 in each pack and whilst we are indeed fortunate to have a good number of Leaders there are times when we need

an extra adult or two.  We're not asking for a regular weekly commitment as we know that can be difficult with work

commitments and ferrying around other siblings, etc. We're also not asking for anyone to go into uniform, although it would be

lovely if you'd like to know a little more about that.   


Instead, what we would like you to do is consider coming along for one evening a term to be available as back up, and we would

contact you in advance to advise whether we need the support or not. If you are willing to give it a try then please tick the week

box and strike out the dates which don’t apply. We would also be interested to know if you have any particular skills or pursuits

which  you might be willing to  teach or show to the Cubs.


The form can then be dropped in the Subs box, given to a Leader or emailed to:

                                        Eagles:,  Cobras:,  Buffalos:




GSL   (9403117)



             Name:                                                    email contact

   Sep.  23/24/25


Treasure Hunt

Sep. 30/  Oct. 1/2

Police Station

Visit  (tbc)              

Oct. 7/8/9

HQ activities &  Games

Oct. 14/15/16     


Uganda Talk

Oct. 21/22/23

Religious Festivals

Nov. 4/5/6

Free – to be








Nov. 11/12/13

Anti bullying & L’hse game


Collectors’ evening


Outdoor campfire

Dec. 2/3/4

Sno Tubing Bracknell

Dec. 9/10/11

Swan talk? Or tba

Dec. 16/17/18

Board games &

concert prep














And the usual back up arrangements – emergency phone numbers are 07910 195201 (Buffalos).  If the weather looks doubtful then please check our website ( for a possible postponement, in which case it will be a normal meeting at the HQ.

Take a look at the picture below.
Dino Snores at the Natural History Museum 

This unique experience gave us a chance to sleep in the Natural History Museum, explore the museum after dark. Including exploring the dinosaur exhibition by torchlight, design a dinosaur t-shirt and meet the animal man. 
Keep going with the badge that you have decided to complete this term 
A new term, a new challenge?
How many badges can you complete, do you have a hobby, take music or swimming or martial arts lessons? Do you enjoy reading, could you do the home help badge? Have you learnt to ski or do look after a pet? The possibilities are endless, come and see which badge you can complete this term.

Dates for your Diary 2020

June 19th – 21st           Cub Camp

 The sixers on Brownsea Island. A few years ago our last visit to Lilliput.

The sixers on sixers camp

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